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Friday, April 29, 2005

Post Mortem

I feel that this was a very important class for me here at msu. Web design may not be my sole form of nourishment; however I feel that it will play a big part of my success in the future. So polishing my skills in the area is of up most importance. And understanding the need and the techniques for a usability conscious site is a very important aspect of web design. Although I had a basic understanding of the need for accessibility the depth of its reach was unknown. I now understand the need for usability testing on a regular basis I no longer think about accessibility as only being needed for the old, decrepit and handicapped. However having a usable website is a key feature and testing should be done for every design, to be tailored to the specific intended audience. One of the most important myths dispelled in this class was that "A useable website not only means that it is accessible to the broadest variety of users, but that the site works the way a persons mind believes it should." Meaning that links go where the users think that they will take them, a paragraph of text is titled to give an appropriate understanding of what will follow, and that a user will be able to navigate and find information quickly and easily. I feel like this class was very successful in emphasizing the importance of accessibility. My only improvement to the class would be to add a bit more of on hands instruction, to allow for the students to stretch their legs... and expand their skills on implementing theory.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

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