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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


This type of template is quickly becoming one of the most favorable for me lately. I really enjoy the creativity put into this site. It is carried out to the fullest extent. All the writing is based upon fish, and fishing vocabulary. The background image... can not even be regarded as a background image, it is a gorgeous piece of artwork, it adds a sense of placement for the site... it does not just float out in cyberspace, it is memorable. I love the image... it is extremely high quality... uses extremely attractive color combinations, and adds just that touch of detail, the sprig of parsley, the wedge of lemon... its wonderful.

This page also uses the single page format... to cut down on navigational failure. Thus allowing the user to foucs on the content... and not be distracted by any potential problems with branding, location, or useablilty. However this design idea, does make a potentially extremely long load time on dial up... however, once the page is loaded... you can access all information instantly.

I really like the way the gallery is displayed... The page is broken up nicely by the use of the book, used to signify the gallery section. I also really enjoy the screenshots being displayed with a wooden dock type background image. Once again that little spice of detail that just adds that extra touch.

However I do have a few complaints with the gallery itself. First of All this company seems as though it has been around for quite awhile. And they boast about their clients... however, there is a very sparse selection of works to view. I would really like to see a broader range, of projects. Also there really is no expanded view of these projects available. No link to a website, no "click to enlarge" nothing you are stuck with the two or three small thumbnail sized images to get an idea of what they do.

And in recap, I would just like to emphasize the extent of the creativity gone into the design, and copy of this website. Starting with the giant dead fish used for the header, all the way down through the witty fish inspired titles to the shipping label at the bottom, displaying the brick and mortar contact information. This site does have its small problems... but overall I think it is a great approach to catching the viewers attention... (no pun intended), and displaying their ability to think different.


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