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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Reason Number 1 Not To Use Windows

I was just casually surfing the internet this morning... and figured I would do a side to side comparison of Apple's homepage and Microsoft's homepage. And I think I found the first reason not to use windows...

When I open Apple's page I see beautiful new products on display,, however Microsoft right dead center and Bold "HELP PROTECT YOUR PC, AGAINST VIRUS'S HACKERS, AND WORMS."

I think that if you have to make an announcement in such a valuable piece of real estate on your homepage. There is a problem. On top of that... there is nothing on the homepage that is inviting... saying "come look at me, Im new and improved, I am going to work well, look at my new product line!" Just a bunch of text... and big bold "WARNING SIGNS"


Blogger _victor said...

That's hysterical. Really. And a great point. Doesn't Service Pack 2 sound so much sexier than Tiger anyway? And Longhorn-- the image of a big cow with giant horns stumbling through your office... Reminds me of an ad from long ago... The old "bull in a china shop"?

Anyway, thanks for your comments on solutionspheres! I'm bookmarking your page as we speak...

4:47 AM


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