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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

448 Blog Post Weightshift

Todays Post comes from

I have actually been to this site many many times over the history of my web browsing days.

I really love the color scheme of this website, Brown is the new Black, Brown is hot. It is very difficult to employ a great monochromatic color scheme and Weightshift does a very good job creating a design that looks appealing with only slight variations in the hue and intensity, however Weightshift pulls it off nicely. I also really enjoy the "floating" window... with the static background image behind... it gives the site a different feel... something differnet a stride away from normality, it adds a nice touch.

The website is extremely straight forward, its goals are clearly defined and I feel that it does a very good job. The navigation is very easy, and only the bare essentials are left at the top for the main navigation. This is the way it should be, I hate to see the main navigation cluttered up with erroneous links that just make moving around the site more difficult. Another key aspect of the navigation is that it only uses a single rollover, on the "memo" heading, most people understand that a memo is a series of short notes on a certain subject, but when you mouse over the link it turns up a short description of what is on the memo page "a design blog", which is nice, because it clarifies a possibly slightly "cutsy" heading, but it does not get in the way.

Another nice subtle feature is the random image rotator, in place on the main page, that will reload a new image everytime you refresh the page, and it will rotate through those images while viewing as well. Its a very nice feature to constantly add a slight refreshment to the page.

Moving on to the Work Catalogue they display there pieces very nicely, it looks almost like a group of slides, it is a familiar site, carried over from the non digital world, into the web, providing a quick familiar feeling. The Catalogue also does a great job of placing the projects in separate categories, by dividing up the images and text links into different sub categories. Providing for easy access to a specific type of work that you are interested in. There are about five different ways to access a particular piece of work, which maybe slight overkill, however it uses very different ways of doing so, catering to the different ways users, prefer to access information.

All in all a great site, good design from the ground up, obviously a lot of thought was put into the sites design in terms of usability and function as well as creative display. This site is a great example of how the two very differnet design features can be brought together into one harmonious design.


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