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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Website Review

This is a the third website review I believe for TC 448.

I actually like this website for its flash styled graphic design usage, and unique approach to designing the site... It has a new age, media art feel to the website that is very easy to abuse, and ruin many websites. However I feel that this website is slightly off when it comes to usability and overall design.

The website actually has a fairly unique navigation as well, in that it appears to be absent. There is no navigation, no extra pages... other than direct links on the front page. However this creates more scrolling than is needed. Instead the website is divided horizontally into "seperate" pages, with their own respective headings... I think that this way of navigating is brought to the simpelist form. Very easy to use and understand. The biggest drawback I see is the use of small text, without very good contrast.

The website is fairly void of contact... there are only links to recent projects, portfolio projects, and then a small news bar. Aside from that the site is basically just a jump point to view content created by the company.

I feel that if this sites main goal is to provide a user with a portfolio view of the company it does a great job. However, if its goal was to provide users with information, about anything more than the works created, such as the companies background, or clientel, area of expertise, ect, the site falls slightly short.


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