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Friday, February 25, 2005

Website Review Jason Santa Maria

Todays review is on

I think that this is one of the better "personal/portfolio" sites that I have been to in quite awhile. It has a very defined theme, a great color scheme, and a very useable navigation.

I like the usage of the home page as a "blog" it contains all the recent news and happenings relevant to the site as well as other random personal "bloggy" type things. But it is a great combination of the new web medium, blogging, and traditional webpage.

The navigation is clearly labeled, and easy to understand... there is no weird popups, no lines to follow, no un labeled buttons, its very simple, and easy to use. Each page has the navigation in the same spot, and highlights the page that you are on, like tabbed navigation to allow for easy awareness of where you are in the sight.

The content on the site is also very fitting, and is very focused. All content is about Jason, or deals with Jason, and does a great job of selling him. It is his personal sight, there is no added BS, nothing else but what pertains to him. I think that the focused content does a very good job of portraying him, helping sell him to potential clients.

I am a photographer, and many times when you see a fellow photographer display their work online it is very cluttered and filled with a lot of unneeded content. Jason however uses a straightforward clean and simple display type... that comments his photography style, perhaps my favorite part of the site if it were not for the Bbne. Which is kind of random, however the Best Brand Name Ever section of his site, is a humorous addition that I liked perusing, and added a little spice to the oh so regular personal page.


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