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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Robots and Monkeys Website Critique

This weeks website critique is of

This is sort of a weird site to critique in my opinion. Because comes off as more of a fun, playful, filled with flash movies, and animation, waste your time, site. (pwwwhuuee thats a long web site genre) I am not really sure as to what function this site is trying to fulfill.

The home page is a large flash movie of a robot and a monkey, as the name implies, and it has a large "navigational wheel of fortune" that I would have to say is not the most recognizable form of navigation but I figured it out quite quickly, by use of the arrows on the "thumbnail" by image of the wheel.

Moving deeper into the site the navigation changes... there is no consistency throughout so the user must now move down to the bottom of the page to get back to the home page navigation. This page acts as a jumping off point for half of the content within the site... meaning you can not navigate directly from one part to the next, you must click back to "main" using the bottom nav, in order to view many of the pages. There are also many instances where the animation just seems to stop, but the music keeps going, so A you are not sure if the animation has completed, and you are unable to turn off the music.

So now the second portion of the website is viewed by navigating through the bottom links, that are common throughout all pages in the site. Which actually separates its self further by opening up in a new window... It is a complete separate entity from the rest of the site... there is nothing tying the two pieces together, no navigation no logo nothing. However I feel it is an interesting approach to the display and navigation of a portfolio, one that would not be duplicated anywhere... reverberating the complete random, and oddity of the site echoed throughout, such as the domain name, the odd animations, and its unusual choice of navigational schemes...

I believe this is a good "waste your time trying to figure out what the heck the designer was thinking flash animated" websites. Not so good on the portfolio, display of works end.


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