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Monday, January 17, 2005

Why I love Apple let me count the ways

Well I think that I have stated that I love apple, and that fact is completely understood. However I really have provided no reasoning, nor, valid facts behind my reasoning... so I am going to start with this post. Bear with me... the jewel is at the end of the necklace. ;)

I have been struggling lately with ways to tackle backing up my content. I have an enormous ammount of personally valuable material on my machines. And it would be a colosule disaster to lose my beloved carefully rated and correctly labled music selection, stockpile of family guy, viva la bam episodes, and hundreds of business related files.

I have all of these items stored on my "central unit" a G4 tower, that is stationed at my desk at home. This machine is the one that I use the most, fastest processor, largest hardrive space, and of course, enourmous display capabilities with dual monitors.

However it would be quite a sight to see if I was to tote this entire entorouge to class every day just to take notes. So I have taken it upon myself to pick up a G3 which has taken the place of my spiral notebook in class. I also use this machine as a mobile workstation which I use for menial tasks on the road, display for clients, email, basic capture and editing. This poses another data, backup/sync problem in my ever increasingly complex situation.

So basically my syc/backup situation is two fold I need to do basic one-way storage from my g4 tower just for security issues. However at the same time I must also create a sync between my two computers for the "out of town" work, as well as class related material. But this type of sync is much different, I do not need to sync the entire home account, just certain files, folders and preferences, but the sync must go both ways. As far as I my knowledge extended five minutes ago... this is a slightly more complex set of standards to contend with.

Fast Forward to the present and I have performed a simple google search, discovering that there are dozens of options that could potentially fulfill both of my syncing needs. Within five minutes I have stumbled upon these top contenders.
Syncing with CVS
Carbon Copy Cloner

All of which seem to be great steps in the direction of taking care of my backup needs. So again back to why I love apple, it is only through apples "open source" style of thinking and the enthusiasm of developers, that things like this are possible. This Open Source idea of computing, is what will eventually turn the tides, and change the way we interact, use and enjoy our computers in our everday life.


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