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Friday, January 28, 2005

Thunk Design: Review

Assignment number two

Reviewing Thunk Design

At first look, I thought to myself, “This is going to be a pretty good website." But this website does however fall slightly short of the mark. The first "splash page" does not represent the content inside. The first few lines of text are spunky, creative, and inspiring... and after clicking on the Enter Here arrow, A fairly decent looking page loads up. A nice looking color scheme, seemingly good design layout... with some links to portfolio items on the right side. But my hopes failed shortly there after.

From that point on, the sites potentially limitless possibilities with flash, turned into a text based, non-graphical presentation, with a confusing navigation to boot. Even the portfolio, where you think a straightforward graphical based display would prosper, seems to be brought down by the use of an extremely small, and "hidden" navigation.

The company that this site is designed for is a website that deals with branding, logos, icons, and design... but this website does not represent any of that ingenuity and design. TOO MUCH TEXT... Granted the gallery does a nice job of displaying other works that the company has done... However their very own website does not reflect this creative design.

There is a weird two part navigation all across the site. Like under Services... There are two navigational headings overview and descriptions... that are very small, have very poor contrast and are sort of tucked out of the way, not provided, the user with good opportunities to "see" their way out of that page and onto another.

Needless to say I am unsatisfied with this website in its entirety. The company looks as though it does good work, they just need to carry that work onto their site.


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