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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Mac Mini: A server for the home, car, or office

So the mac mini has got me thinking... obviously as well as an un-countable number of others. I have long envisioned a home "entertainment" system... that is a single unit... It plays audio as well as video, and is the central unit for all that happens in the house. It is the streaming "server" to store music, photos, and video on, that would be accessible to all other, "client" computers... it would be the central hub so to speak of a "wired" house hold. However the more I think about it the more this mini seems to fill in the spaces, of many needs. I have been working on a way to set up a mobile photo/video station that I can use to edit, my projects on the road, mac mini I have been wanting to have a central music, photo video, station at home, mac mini, I have been wanting a semi portable ipod like movie player (minus dvds) mac mini. But what I believe is the most appealing to me at the moment is the mobile workstation that I am envisioning. Follow me here. The mac mini is located in the glovebox with a 7.5 inch touch screen mounted in the dash. This will take care of all of my navigation through downloadable maps, and text directions, it will also satisfy my audio needs by using the native Itunes as a music box, no need to mess with $1300 dvd/cd/hardrive headunits that charge extra to add the external support of the ipod. I will be able to play dvds, and MPEG video as well. When I arrive on site to work I will be able to pull out the wireless mouse and keyboard... plug in an external monitor/projetor, and edit/display to my hearts content.. if a client needs a hard copy I can easliy connect to their server via the airpot extreme capabilities, or burn them a dvd/cd via the superdrive. And when I am finished with my work on the road, i can easily unplug the mini, and bring her inside, to continue working on projects at home, with no data transfer, needed, everything is kept in one simple little magic box. Oh and I forgot to mention, with the 1.42 GHZ computing power I will be able to monitor my engine diagnostics all the while, and with the third party sony puppyprint fingerpringting technology will be able to start my car and log into my computer all at the same time using my personal unique finger print.... OH the glory.


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