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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mac Media Center: Open source project

Turning a mac mini into a devout media center is in the lifelines of many new minis, just now making there way into consumers hands. There are hundreds going through rigorous training sessions as we speak. Beefing up hardware, with external drives, more ram, and add on capture devices such as those from But the diminutive mini will be no match for the media center title until its final intensive training session can be completed, which will end with the great functionality of an open source software development.

I introduce to you the Mac Media Center This is where the Apple world will really shine in the media center race. Linux has built its empire on this idea of open source development, and now has been taken more seriously as these movements spring up all over the globe. Such as the Poisoned Project, Rendevous, and of course the well known Mozilla Firefox thing.

By not dictating to the public, but by actually allowing the end users to decide, and develop ideas about the product , the Mac Media Center is positioning themselves for a very successful, movement in placing themselves at the forefront of the digital world, in this period of convergence.


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