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Thursday, January 20, 2005

First TC 448 Blog Post

So I was confused on the last post, that was just supposed to be turned in not posted. Anywho we are supposed to look at and make a post about it. But again either I missed what we were supposed to "blog" about it or else I am just confused about something. So here goes I guess I will rely my opinion of the site.

At first glance this site seems to be one of the "new age" standards compliant grid based websites... it has all of the key features, a columnar layout, great usage of white space, clean un cluttered real estate, nice graphics, a good use of branding, and a modern color scheme, with very nice complimentary colors.

I looked a little deeper, well into the code, and found out that the site is actually designed using tables and only using "standards" or css tags for basic font formatting. And quite frankly, at this point this still... may be the most useable way of coding ( although that is changing quickly with the extreme, and much needed decline of Internet Explorer), because today there are still massive amounts of people not using standards compliant browsers. So to reach the greatest audience with the most predictable outcome would be to still use the full set of html tags.

Beside the fact that this is a very well designed site, it does not strike me as standing out all too much. There are no extremely innovative features, it uses a fairly standard layout, and the colors are widely used across many design websites. It does however have a cute little bird that is used for branding, in its logo, and all across the site, however in my rendered version of the site (Safari v1.1)... it actually is on top of all of the titles, a malfucntion of the css rendering, not being completely standardized among all browsing platforms yet.

Overall I think this site is quite successful in its quest to design a good page, and display himself (the designer) along with his works. By being personable, as well as professional he is able to create a friendly open atmosphere for his site to thrive in that seems to help build upon his content, and this site could be used as a reference guide as how to build a personal portfolio.


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