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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

First actual TC 448 post GOOD Bad and the Ugly

So the assignment was to search the web, which needless to say is an everyday all the time activity for me. So needless to say I have a fairly good idea what I do like and dislike on the web. However the assignment was not too specific as to what type of websites we should be looking for as there are millions and millions of types styles, and then also why I could enjoy them, or well dislike them. However I am guessing that since the first lecture we had, was all about page design that I would critique sites based on design.

So here goes.

The first site I chose to review is

This site is one in which I used to frequent quite often. It basically boasts itself as an online publication about web development and accessibility. So with those topics in mind it is an easy connection to make that the site uses a very simple, and aesthetically pleasing layout. I really enjoy the dynamic header at the top of every page that uses a very cool charcoal effect. It adds a more of a printed publication feel rather than an online production. Which ads to the "publication" style content, and idea behind the site. The site also has a very good color scheme, and use of fairly simple and easy to remember branding.

However the navigation is slightly confusing at first glance, yet is easily understood shortly there after. There is also quite a bit of scrolling on the site, which is made slightly less annoying by its large amount of good context. The use of white space also focuses the eye on the content with the use of the "columnar" layout.

The second site I am reviewing that I enjoy is Aninda Basus Portfolio

I have traveled to this site many times for inspiration. My favorite part about this page design is the half splash that sits directly in the middle of where your eye would normally look at first glance. This half page splash also doubles as a functional display of her works with a very nice flash design. The color scheme is fairly bland yet still pleasing... which actually works fairly well as not to distract from the "main content" of the page which is the flash movie.

The layout of the page however does not do very much to help build upon the design. and the careless use of lists below the splash looks unfinished... and does not follow the extremely modern looking splash above. There is a poor attempt at branding in the upper left that is almost unnoticeable unless you are searching for it and the navigation is almost passed over unless you realize that that is actually what it is.

And the final site I chose to critic is

South by south west is a group that sets up music/film festivals and conferences to help young artists, learn what it is like to become a professional. I pretty much dislike this site in its entirety which is fairly odd, because it uses a lot of pieces of design material that should and would be successful on other sites, but seem to be used incorrectly here. the first major upsetting feature is the color scheme, it just doesn't seem to work for me with this site. The other thing is the usage of icons, but the icons just sort of seem out of place, and not at home on the page. The site is also set up much like a printed publication as I had mentioned earlier like however this one doesn't make the transition as elegantly. There is too much text and scrolling without enough white space to break up the body of the page. And last but not least I wish that I could say that the quirky polka-dotted background ties the whole page together, or does something constructive yet it falls short, just as a symbolic reminder for the rest of the page.


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