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Monday, January 17, 2005

Carputer: Let the hacking begin

I ran across this article today Race for Ultimate Car Hacks and the article basically puts a spotlight on a potentially extremely large market that I beleive will be sprouting shortly with the advent of the mac mini, as I stated previously. The minis form and function, are the defining factors for this incredible machine. Not only could these "Carputers" provide you with endless hours of entertainment, and business functionality on the road, but they could also start a revolution in the way that we service, our cars. If we constantly have an onboard computer checking engine diagnostics, revamping fuel oil mixture, timing, measuring gas milage, and so on and so forth. The car will be able to self diagnose, on the fly, run different system proformance profiles for different driving situations. If there are problems with the engine... the computer will be able to tell you exactly whats wrong, not just blink a simplified version of morse code at you requesting that you take it to the shop. The owner will merge with the car, and the car with the auto shop. The revolution is begining what will you do when the apple falls on your head?


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