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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Apple: The Coolest Company On Wall street

I am so impressed with apple theses days. The company is beyond amazing to me. I have been an complete fanatic ever since elementary school. At this very young age with a fresh mind free for molding... I was able to realize a great product, and its amazing potential early on. I have since purchased 4 apple computers, an Ipod, and have convinced countless number of friends to follow in my footsteps, much to the ridicule of those very same friends early on.

Today I saw something amazing, I saw a company that has changed the face of the Music Industry, with the invention of the Ipod, and the ITMS (Itunes Music Store) debute many items that will continue to change the face of the Personal computing industry, with the advent of the Mac Mini. I have thought to myself on many occasions that I wish that I could become part of this revolutionary company. But when I look back on my history with apple, it is then that I see that I have been. I have promoted my favorite logo to no avail for as long as I can remember, I have stood up in the face of the evil empire (WINBLOWS) and now I am here to enjoy the glory of a revolution from the big grey box to the amazing new apple.


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